10,000 ISLANDS and more art by GUSTAVO OVIEDO

10,000 ISLANDS, 2020
61 x 41.5 cm (h x w)
USD 6 000
spray paint
Acrylic paint
vinyl paint and black ink on paper board
for sale

offered by:

other works by GUSTAVO OVIEDO

Ghost Lines, 2020
Installation with found marine debris

Microplastics, 2020
12.5 x 18 x 7.5 inch (h x w x d)
Found objects in acrylic case

Glassy Days, 2020
72 x 96 inch (h x w)
vinyl paint
charcoal and fixative on canvas

16 x 72 inch (h x w)
Spray paint and vinyl paint on canvas

18 x 24 inch (h x w)
Vinyl paint and acrylic paint on canvas


more from Museum Of Graffiti

Untitled, 2020
12 x 9 inch (h x w)
ink on paper

Untitled, 2020
8 x 10.5 inch (h x w)
Ink on lined paper

Happy, 2018
48 x 48 inch (h x w)
acrylic on canvas

Heart Man, 2020
12 x 12 inch (h x w)
Spray paint and ink on canvas

Orange Tags, 2020
12 x 12 inch (h x w)
Spray paint and ink on canvas


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