V series 1 and more art by Hayley Simon

V series 1
48 x 36 inch (h x w)

Overall my work is an intimate look at memory and perspective. In a place where I feel a loss of identity and interconnectedness, it is an exploration of life as a search for purpose and myth by developing images through reflection. I look toward a myth structure to make sense of life, to combat anxiety, and to fulfill the desire for community--how stories flow and create a sense of order through a choice of concealing and revealing, how each scene builds suspense and reason for later undoings, and how suffering all amounts in the end as consequence or purpose. The emotions and pain of the individual are related to something bigger than oneself.
What I gravitate toward most is the transitional period from childhood to adulthood that turns the idea of the home into one that is no longer accessible. The way to relate to another has changed. The way to relate as a woman to anyone has changed. The idea of the female, the feminine, and how womanhood is subject to a variety of societal criticisms and views that create unfair challenges in life, and an internal bias inside women themselves is recognized in this liminality.
As a result, female depictions are a struggle with the interference of the male gaze and an intrusion of objectification. I explore themes and motifs occurring in folklore, fantasy, and history that symbolize male fears, the dangers of sexual intercourse, the temptations and subsequent seductions, the conflicting roles of women and mothers, and the female losses of identity in another.
I tend to focus on female relationships and intimacy, as well as the physical nature and emotional bond as a woman and between women. The physical experience might be understood and miscommunicated as a result of today's culture and views on female intimacy. Even between women, there is often a mistaken correlation between the sexual and emotional.

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