The Orgies Mysteries Theater No.4 and more art by Hermann Nitsch

The Orgies Mysteries Theater No.4, 1998
55.5 x 38 cm (h x w)

Edition 7/20

offered by:

other works by Hermann Nitsch

Auswaidung mit zwei Männern, 1966
87 x 69 cm (h x w)

more from Collection.Teutloff

01. Mai, 1945
41.5 x 51.5 cm (h x w)

Audioguide EN - 9b: Religion, ...
20 x 20 cm (h x w)

Audioguide EN - 3b: Politics -...
20 x 20 cm (h x w)

Audioguide EN - 12: Louise Bou...
20 x 20 cm (h x w)

Audioguide EN - 11b: Hershman
20 x 20 cm (h x w)


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