Four Quartets and more art by Ignatius Widiapradja

Four Quartets, 2012
18 x 28 cm (h x w)
Digital Print on Paper
not for sale
[Des Moines Art Center Permanent Collections; Gift of the Des Moines Art Center Print Club, 2012.84]

(Commissioned Print & Gift Print, 2012)

Born in Java, Indonesia, Ignatius Widiapradja has been a professor of art and design at Drake University since 1985. His black-and-white digital print, inspired by T.S. Eliot’s poem Four Quartets, depicts an unending cycle of life, death, decay, and regeneration. In a fantastic landscape of ruined temples in a jungle, writhing male and female figures struggle to arise. Their bodies, like anatomical models, are cut open, to reveal the roots that intertwine with their organs. Matter and spirit are locked together in an eternal embrace. Widiapraja’s Four Quartets is a part of his series of prints and paintings, “Coincidentia Oppositorum – A Divine Paradox” that deals with the nature of realty in space-time continuum.

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