Black Lives Matter (Blues Brothers) and more art by Iragi Lya Nkere

Black Lives Matter (Blues Brothers), 2020
14 x 11 cm (h x w)

Artist Statement

These messages need to be heard. Iragi shares his up-to-the-minute opinions about hot button issues
through the lens of his identity as a Black man who loves pop culture and creating art.
In his own words, "Everyone knows Hot Button issues means an issue that elicits strong emotional
reactions & All that Endangering the Welfare of a Minor, Cyberbullying, Self Destructive & the Undermine
have definitely gone way too far.
I made the "Black Lives Matter Picture Featuring "Need for Speed" and the Blues Brothers Because People
at USA loathed that these needless authorities have done carnage out of all 164 Black people in the first 8
months this year. They're 14 Black people who were carnaged by the Authorities & Now, they carnage all
1.) Dijon Durand Kizzee
2.) Jonathan Dwayne Price
3.) Marcellis Stinnette
4.) Sincere Pierce
and 5.) Angelo “AJ” Crooms"
Note for MSAC: Iragi has been an artist at Make Studio since 2018. Make Studio, located in Baltimore,
aims to empower artists with disabilities to grow as professionals with vision and voice in their
communities and to connect everyone through art.

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