Crystal and more art by Izzy Johnson

Crystal, 2020
h = 250 cm
Film photograph (Ilford 200)

Izzy Johnson is a mixed race queer woman of color living and working in Los Angeles. She received her BA in History of Art from The Ohio State University and spent her early career working in museums in both Ohio and California. After her mother’s death in 2019, Johnson obtained her vintage point & shoot camera and began to take her interest in photography more seriously. She has recently been featured in Kiwi Collective’s Heatwave zine and is currently working on her first photobook.

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Laptop in the Streets
h = 200 cm
Acrylic on wood-chip

h = 250 cm
Acrylic markers on woodpanel

h = 300 cm
Acrylics on canvas

Should we fight?
h = 180 cm
Water soluble pencils & acrylic

A Force for Justice
h = 180 cm
Digital Art


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