Mark and Graham: Branding and more art by Jennifer Morla

Mark and Graham: Branding, 2012
h = 30, d = 0.1 inch

An ideal job: A Fortune 500 company wants to launch a new brand and the designer is brought in at its inception. That was the case with Mark and Graham, a luxury accessory business from Williams-Sonoma. I was asked to create the totality of the customer experience, operating as both designer and strategic partner. I art-directed 429 photo shoots, knowing that photography would be essential in defining the brand.

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other works by Jennifer Morla 25 Visions for the F..., 2019
h = 30, d = 0.1 inch

Palette Branding (Website on i..., 2018
h = 30, d = 0.1 inch

Palette Branding (Restaurant F..., 2018
h = 30, d = 0.1 inch

Levi’s: 501 Jeans Book, 1995
h = 30, d = 0.1 inch

Levi’s: 501 Jeans Book, 1995
h = 30, d = 0.1 inch


more from Massachusetts College of Art and Design

Protección, 2021
8.5 x 3.5 inch (h x w)
Bronze Sculpture

When I'm Done With You (H..., 2021
31 x 24.4 inch (h x w)
Cast iron
paper pulp
found police blockade legs

The Rat King, 2021
15 x 11.7 inch (h x w)

Absence , 2021
121 x 99.7 inch (h x w)
Natural dyes sourced from foods and sumi ink on muslin
sheets and pillow cases

Air Balloon, 2021
3.5 x 5 inch (h x w)


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