A Red Thread and more art by Kashitsyna Alina

A Red Thread, 2020
32 x 23 cm (h x w)
for sale


My passion is an art in its different hypostases: visual arts, media arts, installations, performances, architecture and design. Whatever is involving the process of creating, with an accent on the process rather than on the result - is an art that I confess. I couldn't escape becoming an artist. Grown up in the artistic surrounding I learned to sense the art with all my being. Classical music and choreography predefined my way in the performance art; studying architecture taught me to feel the space; design studies and traveling around the world made me understand a very important thing: being an artist means waking up one person and going to sleep a different one. I believe in senses. I believe that the best art is born when the artist dives into the senses, feelings and emotions. Only the art that is touching the artist himself can touch the audience. My art style is changing all the time. I think the reason is a huge choice of art directions! Visual arts, plastic arts, sound and video design, stage design, performing arts – these are the directions of my interest, and the most interesting projects are born on the crossroads of these directions. By means of art I prefer to talk about the subjects that I feel and experience as a human and as a woman. The deeper I feel something the better I can express it as an artist. As a matter of fact I often chose the topics of female psychology for my projects.

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