I will eat you alive and more art by Katherine Hileman

I will eat you alive, 2020

Artist Statement

I am a fat, DIY theatre artist passionate about developing and producing high quality, meaningful new works for the stage by local artists with a small budget. I strive to focus on creating safe spaces for collaboration, expression, and storytelling to take place, while working to dismantle the Corporate Theatre Machine that favors the white, thin, cis-male, and beautiful. I believe that theatre, at its core, is storytelling, and I am here to help you tell your story, as I continue to explore how to tell mine.
i will eat you alive. is a play written about my identity as a fat woman in the form of a dinner party for three fat people. The audience is invited to sit around the dinner table and partake in a multi-course meal along with the actors that explores the pain, beauty, and absurdity of navigating our thin-obsessed society in a fat body. Born out of a need to establish community around the fat identity, I held interviews with several fat people in the Baltimore community spanning race, gender, and age to have a dialogue about fatness in a context that wasn't immediately dictated by weight loss and/or the need to change ourselves. Inspired by the common threads of the interviews, I pulled experiences from my own life that dealt directly with the issues discussed, and used those to form the play. The play premiered to a sold out crowd in February 2020 at Towson University. Learn more at

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