Flourishing Terrain and more art by Kayalvizhi Sethukarasu

Flourishing Terrain, 2019
91 x 76 cm (h x w)
acrylic on canvas
for sale

The lushness of nature is felt when we are connecting with the silence around us and it connects with our inner soul.

My thoughts are wired to strike each of my hand moves from the palette to the canvas to paint every village's authenticity and honor its aura through thy narrative landscapes. When the world looked to the west to enrich their lives, I travel to my roots to understand generations' cultural inheritance in each village life in INDIA and depict them through my works. Each style in my canvas is portrayed with multiple techniques, particularly with the usage of material from Palate Knives, broken or waste objects, such as combs, forks, and sponges. My collections are cataloged with the life at peace, purity, and serenity of villages engulfed in the exotic greenery. The realness of every village and its originality is depicted with every minute detailing in my art. In the entire journey of my art today, I am mesmerized by the beauty of the village's placid lake, the hush silence at the arena where everyone relaxes at, and cherish the stagnant natural waters slushed with green floras decorated by countable vibrant lotus buds waiting to bloom to illuminate the garnished greenery.


Kayalvizhi Sethukarasu is from Bangalore, India, and graduated with B.V.A from Bharathiyar Palkalai Koodam Pondicherry Fine Arts College. Through her work, she embraces every aspect of her village's lifestyle and its environment.

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