Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith

58 x 64 inches

Oil on Canvas


A soul is taking a leap into the face of life and death.
The left part of the face is skeletal in its depths; the right is full and abundant.
Because the soul has taken the leap, life ethereally embraces him.
On the left is all that reminds one of the harshness of nature
as it decomposes and sinks back into its components.
We fear the many faces of death.
On the right the decay has been transformed into new verdant life.
The Transformation is continual.
Below, a new soul is forming, taking sustenance from the life/death source.
blissfully unaware that the variety of expression will be so extreme.
Sometimes we must take a Leap of Faith,
as there is nothing else that can be done.
The rewards are great, as the second you let go of the fear,
life embraces you, and shows you her infinite bounty.

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