Space Invasion, Between Two Extremes and more art by Leif Anderson

Space Invasion, Between Two Extremes, 2020

“A Picture is a poem without words” - Horace
My name is Leif Anderson I am currently a freshman at Summit High School. Because I grew up in summit county I have constantly been exposed to nature, This presence of nature always appears into my artwork. The artwork that I create is most often abstract, and usually interpreted in my own style which is cartoonish/realistic. I personally believe that art is a way to explain what words cannot.

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more from Between Two Extremes

Page 52, Between Two Extremes, 2020
100 x 80 cm (h x w)

Drowning in Perspectives, Betw...
144 x 96 cm (h x w)

Sunrise n Stairs, Between Two ..., 2020

Paradise, Between Two Extremes..., 2019
144 x 96 cm (h x w)

Too Much Dwelling on What Has ..., 2019


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