Untitled XII and more art by Leonard Edmondson

Untitled XII, 1956
23.5 x 33.4 inch (h x w)
watercolor on paper
for sale
[FG© 205580]

offered by:

other works by Leonard Edmondson

Collateral Ribbon
30.3 x 42.3 inch (h x w)
Oil on canvas

26.4 x 22.3 inch (h x w)
Watercolor and Ink on Paper

Untitled (female figure)
32.5 x 15.8 inch (h x w)
ink on thin board

Pierced and Impaled
42.5 x 52.5 inch (h x w)
acrylic on canvas

28.5 x 28.4 inch (h x w)
acrylic on canvas


more from Findlay Galleries

Untitled, c. 1965
39.1 x 30.8 inch (h x w)
Gouache on Paper

Pastel Study for Painting No. ..., 1975
24.6 x 21 inch (h x w)
Charcoal on paper

Harbor , 1994
56 x 54 inch (h x w)
Oil on canvas

Phenomena, Land in Sight, 1978
50 x 60 inch (h x w)
Acrylic on canvas

The Illuminated Content, 1960-61
50 x 40.1 inch (h x w)
Oil on canvas


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