Nude in Sundance and more art by Lucie Flynn

Nude in Sundance, 2021
70 x 44 cm (h x w)
spray paint and ink on paper
for sale

Lucie Flynn is a contemporary artist who has moved into creating large scale paintings on the streets across the globe, her work is instantly recognizable and stands out loud and proud - nothing comes close to her dynamic style and the path in which she practices her form. Using combinations of spray paint, acrylic, inks and collage Flynn builds bright, clashing palettes with bold sweeps and splatters, layers of paint pulse and crackle.

Studying at Reigate Art School with a subversive mix of reprobates including the Art Director Kieron Accelerator she went on to make her name producing and exhibiting artwork out of the top floor of the highly influential Dragon in Shoreditch at a time when the area was alive with like minded creatives such as The Chapman Brothers, Scott King and Banksy. Around this time she was approached to work in Damien Hirst's Studio as part of the production and management team, a field in which she is now fully accomplished.

Whilst never fully engaging in a “career” in the art world Lucie continued to push and envelope a style that is undeniably unique and would be hard to compare.

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other works by Lucie Flynn

Nude in Neon, 2021
62 x 46 cm (h x w)
spray paint
# Acrylic on canvas

Lucie Flynn, 2021
82 x 60 cm (h x w)
spray paint and ink on paper

more from Zebra One Gallery

Don't Trust Robots , 2020
100 x 100 cm (h x w)
Neon Light Display Perspex

Yoko Ono

Patti Smith

Self Help Bats, 2019
acrylic mixed media

Nude in Sundance, 2021
70 x 44 cm (h x w)
spray paint and ink on paper


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