Postura 2 and more art by Manuele Cerutti

Postura 2, 2019
35 x 26 cm (h x w)
Oil on linen
for sale

Manuele Cerutti has built his practice around the concern for the world of inanimate, humble and inconspicuous objects. The artist’s key interest is the innate correspondence between object and subject, an overturned alliance which frees things from subordination to human purposes. Indeed, the human body - an evanescent existence, a fuzzy appearance, a vague presence - serves as a prop for the world of things which lies at Manuele Cerutti’s conceptual core.

Even if not part of the artist’s latest series, a liaison links the semantics of Postura,2 and Algoritmo, a corpus inspired by Italian sociologist Gian Antonio Gilli’s essay of the same title. Cerutti delves into the existence of a hidden pattern behind every natural phenomenon, a circumstance that cannot be predictably described by logic or mathematics. Therefore, the formal echoes of Algoritmo 2,3,9 and 1 (all 2019) resonate clearly in this painting, creating a bridge between this work and the others of that series. Thus, Manuele Cerutti incorporates in Postura,2 several old references such as the blind phantom in rain clothes, the mountainscape, the esoteric element on top of a pole. Indeed, the pole-like object already seen in Algoritmo, 9, perhaps a simulacrum to attract lightning, infuses the scene with an intense shamanic atmosphere. What appears as a small beast carcass on top of the pole seems wrapped in powers capable of attracting lightning; almost as though the artist was caught in the act of conjuring the series Algoritmo to come.

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