Franklin Street Folding Screen and more art by Marcia Clark

Franklin Street Folding Screen, 1998
27 x 108 inch (h x w)
USD 5 500
Oil on canvas on 8 panels
fully extended 160 in.
for sale

I've begun going through and identifying paintings stored in racks and nooks and crannies throughout the house. Yesterday I was sad to find an old favorite packed away in a suitcase. Some paintings still seem to retain a sense of the inspiration I felt when I first painted them, and some I look at with embarrassment as they are unresolved and bear flaws of weaker moments. This one is a miniature folding screen, only 27 inches high, that I painted while living in Tribeca. The intersection which is at Franklin Street has seen many changes, yet it seems as I imagine it today during the pandemic, with minimal outward signs of human activity.

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