Hillside View out Kitchen Window Early Spring and more art by Marjorie Kramer

Hillside View out Kitchen Window Early Spring, 2020
10.5 x 12 inch (h x w)
USD 500
Oil on board
for sale

I am finding the Covid lockdown a very good time to paint!! I am Producing more work that I am pleased with than usual. Perhaps it is the somber quiet. I am not lonely thanks to my husband and connecting with others on the computer. I have been painting a series of trees out our kitchen window in which the trees seem lively, marching up the hill, each with their own gesture, poking their heads up. It all is life-affirming, perhaps especially at this time, so basic. I am thinking about other historic pandemics, quarantines, and hoping we will find medicine for Covid soon, and enjoying masks, gloves, social distancing, the statistics. It feels almost medieval, historic, that we really are all in this with that pesky virus ---and somehow that relates to what I am painting. Thank you to all those people who are nurses, grocery store clerks and more. Thank you.

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