Flagship Species and more art by Mark Cook

Flagship Species, 2021
40 x 60 x 1 inch (h x w x d)

The American crocodile is known as a “flagship” species because it represents the ecological importance of freshwater flows, which are expected to increase in Florida and Biscayne Bays with restoration. Crocodile nesting, growth, distribution, abundance, and survival are all dependent on a suite of appropriate hydrologic conditions and salinity levels. This crocodile species can tolerate seawater but thrives best in brackish water that is less than 50% seawater, which is optimal for supporting its aquatic prey and allows for the highest rates of growth and survival of the young. The recent wet conditions in the Everglades have led to increased flows and much reduced salinities in the bay setting up conditions that are likely to be highly conducive to crocodile nesting.

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