Prey Concentration and more art by Mark Cook

Prey Concentration , 2021
40 x 60 x 1 inch (h x w x d)

A feeding bonanza for ibises, storks, and herons in a drying slough in the central Everglades. During Florida’s winter dry-season, water depths slowly decline in the ridge and slough landscape such that fish, crayfish and other aquatic prey animals become concentrated at high densities in the shallow, drying sloughs. These fish buffets are ephemeral, lasting only a week or so before drying up or being fished out, and wading birds need to continuously track new foraging patches as they become available across the slowly drying landscape. For successful nesting, birds need a combination of appropriate depths and rates of drying to provide a continuous source of foraging patches across the Everglades landscape throughout the nesting season.

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