Myself When I'm Not Real and more art by Matthew Pagoaga

Myself When I'm Not Real, 2020
60 x 60 inch (h x w)

An ongoing work, “Myself When I am Not Real” is a series of self-portraits, broken into quadrants, with the top reverse image search results replacing each quadrant. The reverse image mosaics form a set of abstract renderings that, when put together, oscillate to obscure and change (while still revealing) the form within. Inspired in part by our disconnected lives playing out in quarantine amidst the box squares of Zoom, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, etc., Myself When I am Not Real is meant to explore the disquieting isolation inherent in ongoing socialization within virtual space. Who are we when parsed through the semi-intelligent and burgeoning data-streams of machine learning? The pixels that represent “us”amidst the new reality of quarantine reveal a strange miasma of information when collected, expanded, and oscillated.

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more from MOZAIK Philanthropy

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60 x 60 inch (h x w)

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Street Art Mural

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