Drumbeat and more art by Michelle Echenique

Drumbeat, 2020
33 x 23 inch (h x w)
paper collage

Drumbeat references the “drumbeat of bad news” that was and continues to come at us from every direction. While the onslaught can be numbing the words nevertheless saturate our bodies and affect our state of being.

San Francisco based artist, Michelle Echenique utilizes found material in her mixed media work. Using throwaways is key to the work’s impact and intention. She revels in the challenge of repurposing, reshaping and redefining recognizable material inviting a new read on the familiar. Contextualizing work within a place’s natural and human history unites a current sense of time with its past and invites dynamic consideration of how current circumstance is shaped by what came before.

The submitted works are part of the Corona Chronicles, a series started in mid-March immediately following the shelter in place order. The purpose was to record this unprecedented time utilizing daily newspapers in conjunction with other relevant paper. This is a world war fought against a virus. Although a different enemy this battle has impacts similar to traditional conflicts: death, displacement and suffering, laying bare inequities.

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more from WEAD

The war of the oil, 2020
Video installation

Munitions Bunker, 2020
20 x 27 inch (h x w)
Digital Photography

Shelter, 2020
46 x 46 inch (h x w)
natural color

Tribution (Kachin), 2010
photo silkscreen

On Judgment: The Book of Bull..., 2012
20 x 27 inch (h x w)
Artist’s Book accordion format made from hand pulled wood relief prints on Somerset Black Velvet and Somerset Velvet.


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