Stairs 1 and more art by Mila Gvardiol

Stairs 1, 2020
110 x 140 cm (h x w)
acrylic on canvas
for sale

"STAIRS" are a series of paintings in large dimension. On the canvas, a section of the stairs is presented like a static picture, but for the viewer, it is a stimulant of thoughts, movements, and decisions regarding direction. Shall I go up or down? A question of decisions to accomplish our wishes, goals, and affinities and stairs are the means.


Through my work in the visual arts, I explore architecture and the abstract forms that derive from it. From its geometric forms and structural elements, architecture as art is a great inspiration to me like a sculpture gallery. I don't see it as a routine part of life, rather I observe it as an entity that stands alone. From its most intriguing parts I make abstract forms which are structural compositions in my paintings. These compositions have an independent scale which puts the viewer into the thinking process about choices, decisions, goals.

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