Extraterrestrial and more art by Morten Saether


My ArtPrint “Extraterrestrial” has been made in march month 2020 during my stay at home. Here is my reflection about why I have sent this ArtPrint:

Whoever you are, wherever you live, you’re vulnerable, at least in principle. It’s worth pausing to reflect on the implications of that fact. Among other things, it means we’re all in the same boat, for better or worse. This is the world we’re in for the next several months and everything turns on our willingness to embrace it.
A plague is an extraordinary event, and the horror it unleashes is extraordinary, too. But suffering is anything but extraordinary. Every single day you leave the house, something terrible could happen.
At any moment, you could get mortally sick.
The same is true for everyone you know. All of us are hostages to forces over which we have no control. And as a creative individual I can always travel in my head - travel to a place
where you are all alone: So the only place to be to avoid all this, is “out in space”.
NASA astronaut Jessica Meir, who had been in space for almost six months as part of the Expedition 62 mission, tweeted a picture of Earth from her perch on the International Space Station (ISS) on Monday (March 16). "From up here, it is easy to see that we are truly all in this together,”she said.

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