Healing Blanket 26 and more art by Multiple Artists

Healing Blanket 26, 2019
87 x 87 x 0.5 inch (h x w x d)
Fabric Patchwork with Mixed-Media

Artists from Left to Right:

Gina Hyams, USA/ Mexico 2019 “In life and Death United”

Carol Schor, USA/ Mexico, 2019, “Ser Mujer”

Alex Muñúzuri, Mexico 2019, “Basta”

Marinés Bengoa, San Juan, Puerto Rico, “Liberation”

Luca Moller, Germany 2019

Frédérique Drilhon, Mexico/Suiza 2020, “Pasos que pisan Pasos que pisotean”

Patricia Rivero, Oaxaca Mexico 2020, “Agave” mixed media on cloth

Anne Anglin Thompson, Canada, 2019, “Spirit Woman” Gathers together Mothers and Children over the WALL.

Tres Miller, USA/ San Miguel Allende, GTO Mexico 2019, “Strength in Love”

Statement from Carol Schor:
I dedicate this piece to Ser Mujer, a San Miguel de Allende group of Mexican, American and Canadian women of all ages working in partnership with community-based organizations.
Our goal is to promote the commonality of women’s issues across cultures, to raise awareness of their challenges, and to celebrate their accomplishments and contributions.
For the past four years, Ser Mujer has honored the struggles and successes of women around the world with a series of films, talks, panel discussions, poetry readings and other activities throughout San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico. Proceeds support non-profit organizations in San Miguel and Guanajuato that benefit women. Past recipients have included Comision Unidos, a Mexico City organization working to stop human trafficking; Las Patronatas who have tirelessly fed migrants traveling on La Bestia train; and Las Libres, a group of Mexican lawyers defending women unjustly convicted of murder after abortions or miscarriages.
It has been a privilege and an honor to be one of the founding members of this dedicated group of women. The piece is made from used clothing purchased at the Tianguis in San Miguel, a weekly flea market.

Statement from Marines Bengoa:
My piece is a graphic visualization of the joy, peace and freedom we will all experience when the liberation of all oppressed women on Planet Earth becomes a reality.

Statement from Frédérique Drilhon:
Los unos siembran vida, los otros siembran muerte y así su huella. Como empezé la pieza en noviembre cuando recién los terroríficos eventos en Bolivia hacían noticia. Tristemente Ilustran lo que pasa en demasiadas partes de nuestro continente y mundo, dónde se burla la integridad de las mujeres, indígenas y tierra.

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