Oia, Santorini and more art by Nina Curto

Oia, Santorini, SFHS, 12th
15 x 19 inch (h x w)
USD 225
Mixed media
for sale

In this piece I wanted to explore a sense of place. The blue domed chapels of Santorini’s Oia are the village's trademark attraction, often for a destination wedding. I wanted to tie in the tourist vibe by using images from brochures to create repetition in the background. The magenta of the handmade 3D bouganvillas next to the blue of the watercolor dome creates a romantic atmosphere. I also layered watercolor on top of the collage to create scenery and dimension. My inspiration for this piece comes from my Greek background, a cultural theme I often return to in my art. I also frequently create pieces in mixed media because it gives me an expanded arena to convey an idea or concept. I am currently a senior at South Fork and I plan to attend Florida State University in the Fall to major in Psychology for my undergraduate degree and then go back for my masters in Art Therapy. I love making art and seeing how it effects others. I chose this career path so I can help people while still tapping into my personal interests.

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