The Beauty You See In Me and more art by Olga Zhminko

The Beauty You See In Me
20 x 24 inch (h x w)
USD 950
Egg tempera

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"""The beauty you see in me is a reflection of you"" ~Rumi

The painting begged for some light between the faces; a spiral appeared naturally. Looking for symbols related to beauty, I found Unalome: the symbol of a winding line representing the path to spiritual enlightenment. Unalome's ""spiral represents our mind at its early stages, while the twists symbolise the various twists and turns we encounter as we seek to gain understanding. The symbol’s steadying line mirrors our own sense of internal balance: as we learn and grow, our paths become less meandering and more focused, until we eventually find enlightenment"" (source: Buddhagroove).

To learn yourself is the ultimate purpose of this life.
Learning comes through interaction with others.
In others we see a reflection of own self.
Through others, questioning what irritates or annoys us in others, we can understand our own room for improvement.
Develop into a better version of own self.
Everyone we meet has either a gift or a lesson for us.

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