The Three Little Pigs and more art by Paulina Mateo Antonio

The Three Little Pigs, SFHS, 10th
8 x 10 inch (h x w)
USD 100
for sale

Hello, my name is Paulina and I wanted to talk to you about this creativity that I had. This took me time to think about what to do, whether to do this or do this. because the truth is two references that inspired me to paint it; but the truth is that one of them has a meaning for me that is important and unforgettable for me. "the three little pigs" if you look for that on the internet, a story comes out, a movie for children. Children are distracted by that, they see it and I was one of those children because when I was a little girl I always finished helping my mother with something and I sit down and put that where the channel comes out, if that doesn't come out I don't watch television Maybe I'll wait playing around until the time comes and I see it. I remembered what stories I saw and because I loved that one more and I was inspired to do it because it is about a wolf that wanted to eat the pigs. the pigs were brothers and the wolf wanted to somehow eat them. and in that image in my art was the hidden wolf and the pigs going to their little house to protect themselves from the wolf. And well, this is how I was inspired by that art. Well let me tell you what my goals are that I want to achieve. It all started when I was little, when I was little I loved to draw the pictures in my book in my notebooks. My classmates always asked me to draw them for them and sometimes I accept why I draw, paint and that I loved to do, but I lived in Guatemala, my mother went to the USA a few years and I was born and I happened things and as a baby my mother brought me In Guatemala and the time passed I turned  and my father arrived and told me if I wanted to come to the USA to have a future and I thought what I liked to do and I said yes and he brought me, I started drawing paint and I saw that I did not I surrendered until I got here at this point, I still have to reach my goals. I always wanted to be in competition in drawing and I am still reaching and I know that I will get where I want.

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