晚饭后的惬意 【Be Pleased】 and more art by Qishan Zhang

晚饭后的惬意 【Be Pleased】, 2021
20 x 11.2 inch (h x w)
Sterling silver
wood sheet
modeling brushes

exhibited by:

more from Massachusetts College of Art and Design

Bananas, 2021
11.2 x 12 inch (h x w)
drawing pencils

Charcoal Bananas Still Life, 2021
9.3 x 12 inch (h x w)
charcoal pencil

Offering What's Already B..., 2021
13 x 13.9 inch (h x w)
Plaster and Acrylic Gouache

Beautiful Corpse, 2021
12 x 10 inch (h x w)

Flat Bear Friday , 2021
12 x 12 x 4 inch (h x w x d)


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