Journey of the Light , 2020
24 x 24 in (h x w)
for sale

Raja Rhythmix is an independent producer. He has crossed numerous paths to bring world electronic sound with a compositional
focus to the forefront: a music grad, special needs educator, world drum teacher and Canadian event curator. Though
wearing many hats, Raja has taken his path as a world musician very studiously ~ training in W. African drumming in Ghana
and studying tabla in India. Combining his unique playing (tabla, flute, handpan) with a deep tribal beat makes his unique
sound become medicine music for the dancefloor.
His first single "In Flow" reimagines the African Harp (Ngoni) with a disco and earth beat flare, accompanied by the medicine
vocalizations of singer Mira Mela. In his track "Whale Song" he fuses live samples of Humpback Whales with an electronic
synth score to sonically transport the listener to the depths of the ocean. In his lead single "Shadow of Love" he combines the
voice of black vocalist Samaza Murava with deep house electronica, to explore the civil division & unity found in political
protests and those of "Black Lives Matter."
Accessibility through rhythm has always been at the core of his work. He is the founder of Toronto's largest drum & dance
circle the Trinity Bellwoods Drum Circle. Most recently, he was hired by the Sarah McLachlan School of Music to teach world
rhythm/production to underpriviledged children and lead their program for autistic children. Raja continually leverages his
music to benefit those in need.
This album he states "is a dedication to the ancient trees of the first forests ~ the ancestors of all of life today." A portion of
proceeds from 'First Forest' will go to benefit the Plant a Million organization, which will plant trees to reforest parts of the

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ViTra Academy

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