JA02 and more art by Rebecca Salter

JA02, 2020
25 x 25 cm (h x w)
Mixed Medias On Canvas
for sale

Repeating marks and gestures are a key characteristic of Rebecca Salter’s practice. The artist’s aim is to lead the audience to meditative mindset through the reiteration of lines, grids and threads. With her approach, Salter seeks to let the beholder’s eye rest on the composition and to allow them to meditate, concentrate and relax by gazing into the repetition of the depicted elements. Rebecca Salter's way of perceiving art deeply changed with her sejour in Japan, where she was seduced by the idea of open-ended architectural spaces, by the fluidity between solids and voids shaped by light. Furthermore, the influence of the Hasegawa School and the Japanese calligraphic tradition led her to reshape her practice shifting from pottery to painting. Salter started to conceive of paper as an object in itself, not as a base, nor a background .

Rebecca Salter explores in an exceptional way how to communicate through blank space. In JA2, 2020 the voids and the white spaces react to the materical part thanks to the mixed media arranged by her on the canvas. The intervention on muslin, the very thin layer applied and shaped by the artist with fingers, demonstrates her mastery of textural manipulation in the meticulous process and application of marks and materials. Here, the bond between the net, the darker inked-lines and the light grey background intertwine, giving rise to unique patterns and textures related to time and rhythm.

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JA02, 2020
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Mixed Medias On Canvas

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