Theater of Life and more art by Roos Fll

Theater of Life
31.5 x 23.5 inch (h x w)
Acrylic /Mischtechnik
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"Theater of life:

In these transforming times, we did a lot of self-reflecting and observation. we had much more time to feel, reflect, and observe.
For many, this happened even on an almost forced, but deeper level.
this piece, in particular, shows the art of thy self.
I called it Theater of life.
One of my observations is, that we are outstanding good actors in our movie, a movie called life.

But what makes the actor so good? Why can he very well empathize with every role he is playing? What is the gain for this acting?
For those answers, we need to dive deeper thru all those thick rusted layers of thy self and learn where the formation of this flawless acting comes from.
While diving deeper you will encounter many obstacles, many hidden mazes with extra visitors or teachers that will show you to other exits, make you doubt, set up encounters with your deeper emotions.
All these well-trained monkeys of the mind will make this journey of observation, very interesting and challenging.

They will teach you how to find your balance.
They will push you and make you fall off that fine cord underneath your heavy feet.
But their teachings will also help you find the right balance you need to walk that cord, so you won't fall and get lost in the endless depth of the soul. "

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