Saltwater Dreamin' and more art by Rylee Hochstetter

Saltwater Dreamin', MCHS, 9th
12 x 9 inch (h x w)
USD 275
for sale

I named my art piece Saltwater Dreamin’ because I decided to paint a mahi mahi which is very popular, and wanted fish by many. Fishermen go out in the ocean targeting, and hoping to get one of these amazing fish. So I think of this fish as a saltwater dream fish for many people. I grew up on the water, fishing with my family and so this piece was especially fun for me to create. In this painting I got to experiment with watercolor, which is something I really enjoyed doing. I used lots of gradation in this piece, and overall I am extremely proud of how it came out. This piece has a very thrilling feeling of excitement, and the fish itself is so detailed and beautiful.

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