Closer to the Stars II and more art by Sabree

Closer to the Stars II, 2011
60 x 48 x 4 inch (h x w x d)
USD 200
Open Edition 18x24
for sale

Praise house, Christianity, the Bible, Church, the worship of Jesus is another religious practice that one would find among the Gullah people. A Gullah church service is unique, wholesome, heartfelt, and powerful as some of the West African traditions are expressed. One may find the Gullah people still speaking in the Gullah language during service.

I personally grew up with seeing praise houses throughout my neighborhood. My late brother- Dennis became a well known preacher in my hometown of Lake City, SC. During service, it wouldn't take long for the whole church to break into a song. You left feeling happy, nourished and uplifted.

18x24 canvas

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