illusion #4 and more art by Sandra ENCAOUA

illusion #4, 2021
14 x 11 inch (h x w)
USD 360
Oil and spray can on canvas
for sale

'This world behind the world, Perhaps there is, Immobile'. Jean Louis Aubert * This painting is an original hand signed painting * Limited only 1 original piece *

'There is no light without shadow' - Louis Aragon Sandra Encaoua is a French artist, currently living between Paris and Miami. Her works have been exhibited mainly in US and Europe (France, Belgium, Italy, …) Sandra received a Miami Art Grant 2020 by the Andy Warhol Foundation of Arts (NY, USA). She is a member of the Jewish Art Salon (New York) and the Taylor Foundation (Paris). Sandra is mainly interested by natural imperfect patterns. Her portraits and landscapes are a mix of blazing red with sparkling white, as well as bright turquoise which respects the warmth of ocher and evanescence of roses. Her's touch exudes not only strength and vitality but also gentleness. The canvases of the [Passing Through] Series are dug, scarified, almost tortured; the characters appear damaged, bruised, and yet there they are, standing, luminous, present to the world. The paint, applied almost carnally, in thick or very diluted layers, is deeply inscribed in the material, penetrates the linen, makes it vibrate with a life of its own. It is the unconscious of the painter which is inscribed on the fabric of the frame, an unconscious returned to the light, a part of shadow finally illuminated.

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