Annabranch and more art by Shaun T

Annabranch, 2020
90 x 150 x 2 cm (h x w x d)
# acrylic on canvas

The two rivers coming together represent the spiritual elders of two mobs meeting. The purple colour in the middle of the water represents the river spirit itself. As the water nears the muddy bank the colours change and change again as it nears the tree line before finally merging into the rich soils of the upper river bank. The outer regions of the painting are reminiscent of the Australian desert as demonstrated by the use of ochre colours.

offered by:

more from Federation University Arts Academy

Hands of Hope, 2020
25 x 35 cm (h x w)
# acrylic on canvas

Merry 2020, 2020
acrylic on canvas

Snack , 2020
acrylic on canvas

Ancestral Connection, 2020
45 x 45 cm (h x w)
acrylic on canvas

Snake Story, 2020
45 x 50 cm (h x w)
acrylic on canvas


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