Bonding and more art by Shirin Neshat

Bonding, 1995
120 x 90 x 1 cm (h x w x d)
Silver print

Shirin Neshat, a filmmaker and photographer, lived in Iran from birth until 1975, when she came to the United States to pursue a Masters in Fine Arts at Berkeley. Her departure from Iran was followed by turmoil in her home country, first as a result of the Iranian Revolution (1979–80) and then the Iran–Iraq War (1980–88). Her return to Iran after an extended absence inspired her to create work that interrogates the construction of identity of women from Iran. This photograph, entitled, “My Beloved”, is one of the 38 works in the artist’s series, “Women of Allah”. It epitomizes Neshat’s play with symbolism of beauty, violence, and innocence: she is shown holding her young son, while dressed in a Muslim chador that is decorated with a verse of Persian love poetry, and next to a rifle.

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other works by Shirin Neshat

Rapture Series (Women In A Lin..., 1999
51 x 61 cm (h x w)
Color Photograph

Women of Allah 2, 1997
29 x 23 inch (h x w)
Ink on photograph

Women of Allah 1, 1997
29 x 23 inch (h x w)
Ink on photograph

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