Fluff Formation (Antarctica, 2017) and more art by Stefan Christmann

Fluff Formation (Antarctica, 2017)
20 x 16 inch (h x w)

Digital Inkjet Photograph, printed 2020
Lexjet Premium Pro Archival Fine Art paper

Nature photographer Stefan Christmann of Germany has won photography awards for his images of wildlife in Antarctica. In the first photo, penguin chicks tussle while keeping warm on the feet of their parents. In another, the chicks huddle together, a survival skill that emperor penguins must learn. Impatient chicks often jump right into the warm center, without waiting their turn. Christmann is passionate about protecting the polar region and hopes that his stories from Antartica can help save this magnificent habitat and its endearing inhabitants. To see more of Stefan Christmann's work, visit or @christmannphoto.

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other works by Stefan Christmann

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