Selfie II and more art by Suriyya Choudhary

Selfie II , 220

Selfie II explores the close-ups. Again with a distorted image, the unclear image poses the idea
of recognition, beautification, and self-realization.

I have completed my practice-based Ph.D. from the Department of Art, University of Reading. I am interested in the representation of my surroundings through photography and occasionally digitally altered images. My artwork explores the alternative ways of looking and representing things. Through photography and digital imaging, I explore the meaning of the situations, its connotations, and possible contexts. In the submitted image Selfie I, I am interested in representing my own self through pictures that are indistinguishable, and not pretty; it is the exact opposite to the current responses to selfies where individuals take extra care to present themselves remodeled and flawless; whereas, my representation reflects the doubt, imperfect, and hazy image; all that is me.

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more from IVLA Expo

Barragan and Teotihuacan, 2020
36 x 24 inch (h x w)

Mangrove, 2020
60 x 45 cm (h x w)
acrylic painting

Flourishing Terrain, 2019
91 x 76 cm (h x w)
acrylic on canvas

Inside, 2020
43 x 30 cm (h x w)
Digital Photography

The Notorious RBG, 2019
46 x 42 inch (h x w)
Digital Typography


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