The Sinking Julia and more art by Toran Kumar Behera

The Sinking Julia
170 x 170 cm (h x w)

Life is like a rocky ship: you experience the low tides and the high tides. But then suddenly corona comes striking from above. Your ship's mast is set aflame and is painted red with the blood of the people close to you as they one by one fall victim to the devilish virus. Together, all of you sink to the ocean, which also turns red from the blood and becomes shelter to the coronavirus. The government of the oceans then announces that no one is allowed to set sail and everyone must remain in their respective islands, but then sets sail Julia, whose childhood dream is to travel the world. This artwork depicts Julia and her sinking ship, as she falls victim to the ocean of corona beneath which several foolish travelers such as her lie, maybe dead, maybe alive, but that does not matter. Either way, the ocean was not safe to sail on and Julia paid no heed to any words of wisdom, so she paid with her life.

This artwork is inspired by several events where people stepped outside of their houses without any good reason despite the risk of catching the virus and paid dearly. I do not intend to mock them but rather convey that we must learn from their mistakes.

Note: This story is entirely fictional.

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