I screen, you screen, we all screen for… and more art by Travis LeRoy Southworth

I screen, you screen, we all screen for…, 2021

This animation is part of a new series of work “Screen Skin”. Travis LeRoy Southworth art practice engages the use of computer software as it removes all traces of his hand— the process iterates the body’s disappearance on and off the screen. With this work, the artist aims to express how 21st century identity is shaped and defined by a disconnect between the body and those around us. I have never been a big sharer in social media and the last few years have really created cultural, political and bodily divisions. This work marks a critical turning point in my work, as he turns his focus to the real-world physical damage inflicted on the body by supposedly benign technology.

Animated MP4 30 seconds 2560x1440px. In the primary sale, the token comes with a Meural Canvas.

This work is included in “Scratching the Surface”, our interview on Artsy at

The work is tokenized and available for sale on SuperRare,-you-screen,-we-all-screen-for....

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