Peau d’Âne and more art by Valérie LaMontagne

Peau d’Âne , 2010
w = 200 cm
solar radiation
wind speed & velocity
humidity and rain fall data is collected and sent to the dresses wirelessly
where micro-controllers relay info to internal circuitry. the sun dress has 128 LEDs which can light up depending on sun data
while the moon dress has 14 colour-modulating flowers to represent each phase of the moon cycle and the sky dress is imbued with 14 vibrating air pockets

Peau d’Âne - A series of three weather-networked dresses based on the Charles Perrault fairy tale in which a princess asks for dresses made of the sun, moon and sky

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other works by Valérie LaMontagne

Strokes and Dots , 2013
h = 200 cm
The designs have a series of embroidered LEDs (5-12) and a motion or light sensor transforming the rhythm and illumination of the LEDs in tandem with the wearer’s movements or by reacting to immediate environmental light fluctuations


more from Valérie Lamontagne

Pink Top 1 Catwalk, 2020
w = 200 cm
Marvellous Designer/ CLO 3D

Tribute to Professor Valérie L..., 2020
Video message

TechnoSensual Exhibition, 2012
h = 200 cm
Exhibition: results of an Artist-in-Residency
showing the possibilities that occur when fashion and technology are combined.

Ilinx, 2014
h = 400 cm
These wearables are outfitted with various sensing and actuating devices that enable visitors to interface with the performance space. During the event
there is a natural continuum between sound and vibration
vision and feeling becomes increasingly blurred
extending and stretching the body’ boundaries.

Symmetrical Modern 001 + Asymm..., 2010
w = 250 cm
The designs have a series of embroidered LEDs (12) and a light sensor reacting to immediate environmental light fluctuations.


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