Die stille Nachbarin / The silent neighbor and more art by Veronika Merklein

Die stille Nachbarin / The silent neighbor, 2011
59 x 45 cm (h x w)
Lambda C-Print
photo: Christian Messner
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THE SILENT NEIGHBOR is a performative project which was staged in Merklein's apartment, located on the ground floor of the Gschwandnergasse 59, Vienna-Hernals. In THE SILENT NEIGHBOR, she takes up topics that are negotiated within the private area. In the best case they should remain unseen, unheard and undone.

On three consecutive days, three hours a day, the artist stand on a pedestal, apparently hanged on a smiley-face balloon filled with helium. (As in a trompe-l’oeil painting, the pedestal disappears into the background).

At night, a video loop is shown throughout the duration of the night. One sees my face, slowly beginning to smile. Behind the facade of the blemish-less face foulness is revealed through making ”her” rotten teeth visible. The audience can see the performance and the video only through an open window to the street.

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