The Soul's Colors and more art by Zachary Cagni

The Soul's Colors, SFHS, 11th
10 x 7 inch (h x w)
USD 130
for sale

This art work is to me a representation to a persons soul, or more or less how someone can feel and how someone can look being completely different things. The man in the painting seemingly is with holding something from coming out with the out side appearance being all happy and colorful while his soul seemingly is filled with white hot to black cold levels of stress. This is shows that people tend to let on other feeling when they don’t want to express how they truly feel. This is why I chose watercolor because of its ease in blending across a page and also for its near uncontrollability which gives the man a look of insatiability as if there struggling to say something but are just unable to as the façade they put over themselves is so overbearing to them that they can't speak out from it.

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