A Summer Afternoon and more art by JB Heart Lake SS grade 10

A Summer Afternoon, 2021
Adobe Photoshop

My artwork represents mental health and wellbeing. Being outside is very important, and can benefit your mind and body in many different positive ways. For example, when you're feeling stressed or overwhelmed, being outside in nature can be very relaxing. Being around beautiful scenery like sunflowers, while breathing in the fresh air can improve your mood. When I am in the sun and around trees, flowers, and plants it always puts me at ease. The serenity of sunflowers and natural landscapes inspired me to create this piece. This piece of art can also represent the importance of healthy eating. For example, my artwork is made completely of food items that are beneficial for the brain and also produce a calming effect on the body. I used lettuce for the grass, broccoli for the trees, barley for the path and asparagus for the sunflower stems.

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