The Outing and more art by Ban Sadik

The Outing
8.5 x 15.7 inch (h x w)
CAD 500
Acrylic on Canvas Paper
for sale

Artist Statement
The painting I am participating with is from Iraqi culture. It depicts a group of women and girls in their traditional clothes and Abayahs.
The Abayahs I painted were different shades of blue and purple unlike the actual Abayah which is black and rests on the head and covers the whole body with two slits for the arms. I also used
different patterns and bright colours for the dresses or jalabiyahs beneath the Abayahs. I added Islamic Baghdadi patterns in the background.
I worked on this colourful painting of a group of women and girls going out to have a good time during the second wave of the pandemic to cheer me up.

Artist Bio
I graduated from School of Architecture, Baghdad University, Iraq in 1979. Through my profession I did a lot of free hand drawing and sketching but did not start painting till a few years ago. I started experimenting with acrylics and tried different subjects and themes aspiring to establish my own style.
I started with a black and white still life collection of ewers and cauldrons. Then painted photographs of Mediterranean doorways. After that I did a few vibrant and colourful nature paintings. I also painted a few abstarct ones. Finally I started experimenting with calligraphy and Baghdadi culture with a touch of abstraction.
I like the works of two deceased Iraqi artists, Hafidh Al Droubi and Ghassan Muhsen. I also like the works of the Turkish artist, Canan Berber and the Australian Jonathan Gemmell.
When I moved from Toronto to Mississauga, I decided to join VAM hoping to attend workshops and to participate in the art life in Mississauga but my plans were interrupted by the pandemic.

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