Power of Attraction and more art by Carol Essex

Power of Attraction
10 x 14 inch (h x w)
CAD 200
Watercolour and Ink
for sale

Artist Statement
In my evolving practice of artistic expression, moving from realism to abstract work, I most often find myself between these poles. I gravitate to expressive colour combinations and a free flowing sense of motion in much of my work, inviting the viewer's emotion and imagination to complete the picture.

Artist Bio
Carol Essex has ventured into painting in depth for the past few years. She is a member of Humber Valley Art Club, VAM and Etobicoke Art Group. She enjoys painting within a broad range from representational to abstract. Over the years she has become engaged in work to support our planet earth. She says that painting the natural world that we all love, I want to send a message that it is not enough to love the earth and all its incredible biodiversity. It is time to change our relationship with the earth to become protectors of our beautiful planet on which humanity and all other creatures depend.

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