Portrait of an African Grey and more art by Diane Shepherd

Portrait of an African Grey
12 x 9.5 inch (h x w)
watercolour and carbon pencil on paper
not for sale

Artist Statement
Portrait of an America Grey is drawn in the style of Realism using mixed media. I prepared the custom background with acrylic on paper and rendered the drawing in watercolour pencil, carbon pencil and chalk. My source image for this piece is a photograph that I took of my family parrot. What do I enjoy about Realism? The play of light and dark, the 3-dimensional quality it conveys, witnessing the spirit of the being portrayed, and the discipline, focus and deep satisfaction it affords me.

Artist Bio
Throughout my life as a scientific mind I've always carried the spirit of art within -- performing arts, fine arts. Apart from one semester of life drawing in university, I've been more of an observer, attending galleries and exhibitions. Upon retirement however, I dove in heart and soul! VAM has been my oasis for the last 4 years. Skilled and engaging instructors gave the tools, inspiration and encouragement to develop skills and push boundaries. Through my exploration of several types of media and techniques, I now observe some cohesive artist expression in myself beginning to emerge. I am loving the journey.

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