Memories and more art by Maria Bida Albulet

18 x 12 inch (h x w)
ink on watercolour paper
not for sale

Artist Statement
Memories often bring us to childhood. It is a time of joy and happiness, full of color, that we wear as a badge and often use as a refuge throughout our lives.
The work is intended to be a living depository of the child's most sparkling and colorful memories. Her thoughtful look transcends the time, as if she is looking into future, trying to see and bring assurance of a similarly happy and joyful life to the adult to be.

Artist Bio
With a formation as graphic artist, I am active on various types of media. My preference and focus led me to embrace and create artworks that are predominantly oil paintings on canvas and ink drawings on paper.
I am trying to transpose my own visual emotions onto paper and canvas with an impulsive burst of joy, almost always followed by a lot of perseverance, constantly seeking perfection.
My aim is to offer an immersing experience into a space for reflection. My heart opens towards the discerning viewer, irradiating pure and unconditional love for art.

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