Bountiful and more art by Milly Tseng

30 x 30 inch (h x w)
CAD 1 800
Acrylic on canvas
for sale

Artist Statement
There could be countless reasons for me to paint an image at any given moment. How was I feeling at the time of executing this piece of art? What made me want to paint this pot of flower in the first place? I could have chosen any other plant in my home to paint, but it was this one which drew my attention and kept my spirit high…
The Canadian winters are long, dark and cold, which can be quite depressing. I remember driving to work in the dark and it was dark coming back home after work. Often the commute took longer due to poor weather condition. However, when I came home, this clivia greeted me like a ray of happy sunshine. It was almost like it decided to bloom in the dead of winter to brighten my winter days.
What is your moment of pleasure which brightens your day?

Artist Bio
In 2010, Milly Tseng made a conscious decision to re-connect with her passion for painting by becoming involved with local art programs. She is mainly self-taught, and have taken courses with different artists.
Her plan is to achieve a level of comfort working with multiple mediums and styles. Although she paints predominantly with acrylic, she also enjoys pencil drawing/sketching, painting with oil and water colours. She will likely add more mediums to this list as she experiments with more options and techniques! Her subject matter ranges from floral, nature, wildlife, still life to abstract.
A keen gardener with a deep love for nature and the outdoors, she is inspired by the blooms in her garden and the places she has visited.
Her aim is to nourish her artistic aptitude, and create for the love of creating. Now that she no longer has a regular job, the opportunity to finally take the time to learn has opened up. She has enrolled for an online course with Emily Carr University of Art + Design for June 2021.

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