Canadian Maples and more art by Olga Polstvin

Canadian Maples
24 x 48 inch (h x w)
CAD 1 500
for sale

Artist Statement
Olga's strong artistic aesthetic is an expression through two forces: pigment and water. She continuously plays with the idea of control and surrender aiming to achieve harmony with transparent washes and the use of colour to communicate the spirit of the natural world around her. Her artistic approach is about creating sustainable, inclusive, and positive spaces through her work that encourage healing and serenity.

Artist Bio
Olga Polstvin is a female emerging artist her studies span over Italian Renaissance in Florence, Japanese Art of Sumi-e and her exploration of European Floral Design and Ikebana styles. Gardening and Canadian forest-bathing are her main sources of inspiration. Her work is intended to create a luxuriously harmonious spaces where anyone can find healing and serenity.

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